It has been a while since I’ve last seen a David Cronenberg film. Since its October, I decided “why not go ahead and marathon some of his early horror stuff?” Shivers, or “They Came From Within”, is one of David Cronenberg’s first theatrical films, a gem of sci-fi, body horror.

Shivers is set on an self-sufficient island outside of Montreal, a paradise outside of the big city of course. Since this is a horror movie, a problem exists which comes in the form of parasites that put you into zombie-like mindlessness, that as well as turns you into a sex fiend with a lethal STD. As the plot unfolds, it really snowballs into an intriguing, bizarre chain of events that you’ve got to see to its end.

I mentioned before that part of this movie’s premise is that this deadly parasite turns you into a sex-crazed zombie, but be assured this movie isn’t just blood n’ boobs. Shivers is a horror movie that feels like it has its goals to reach you on a psychological level at times due to its sexual nature.

In my opinion, Cronenberg’s work around this genre are some of the best horror movies of their time. If you enjoy infection movies, movies that contain parasitic creatures that would later come from the likes of Night of the Creeps and Slither, or are just a fan of David Cronenberg, then I would definitely suggest checking this film out.


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